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 Holistic Life Coching 

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"Ayurveda is the knowledge of life
and as old as mankind itself."

Charaka Samhita



Welcome to my Ayurveda Consultancy!


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Anouschka Selina Rudel​

Ayurvedic Health Nutrition Consultant & Coach
Ayurvedic Childrens´ Health Coach

Life Coach, Teacher of Yoga & Vedanta

I am happy to advise, teach and support you in how to lead a healthy, balanced life and how you could gain a higher level of life quality. The simplicity in application and the profound effect of Ayurveda has changed my life and inspired me profoundly throughout my years of experience in conscious living, nutrition and yoga.

Health Consulting & Coaching


By means of a detailed Ayurvedic initial anamnesis I determine the cause of your imbalance. In the consultation as well as in the coaching together we develop your individual health and nutrition or detox plan. I will introduce you to dinacharya (morning routine) and ritucharya (seasonal routine), tell you about dosa-balance (indicater of strong or weak digestion fire), will give you on any kind of digestive problems, accompany you in type-appropriate healing or fasting cures and advise and coach you in life-style issues and much more. All that you need to maintain your health or alleviate complaints for your constitutional type is to balance, and integrate holistic measurements and recommendations in everyday life. Even small changes in your diet or daily life style may have a great effect toward improvement of health and wellbeing!

Life Coaching

I advise and coach you in your life issues using holistic methods and integrative approaches. You as a human being are in the center. Together we will uncover your "blind spots" and inner resistances so that you can be happy and successful in your life and profession / vocation. I will help and accompany you in this overall process to integrate your personal strengths and empower yourself, so that you may live in your full life power, self-determined and happy. 

Approach of wholeness

The holistic and life-oriented science of Ayurveda makes it possible to bring body, mind and soul back into balance, to strengthen and maintain your self-healing process and immune system in the long term, and to alleviate and heal all kind of ailments. Learn more about Ayurveda

What is important to me?

You as a human being are the center of attention. My ambition is to coach and accompany you as a human being with holistic approaches in your health and life issues, your personal development and wholeness, and to be able to live in true quality of life.

It is in your hands so start now and to change your life consciously in the long term!


How to book a session for health coaching

1. Book a free orientation interview and we´ll meet by

    phone or zoom call, where you briefly describe your


2. Book a session for an ayurvedic initial anamnesis, receive your 

    first recommendations.

3. Detailed discussion for daily measurements, holistic 

    nutritional catalog, do´s and don´ts with detailed 

    recommendations, health tips, recipes, spices and herbs for 

    your personal constitution and current life circumstance.

4. Support and coaching via email, phone or Zoom call for the   

    next 3-4 weeks or any time after whenever you wish or need   


5. Dates for further checkups and feedback of your improved


6. Session availability 7 days a week!

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My services

Health is more than freedom from illness

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Consulting & coaching
by video or phone

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Women, mothers & children

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Prevention & detox
chronic diseases

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Individual assistance

& support

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Yummy recipes
& tips

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Consulting and coaching by video or phone, for adults, mothers & children

. Holistic health and nutrition consultation, coaching, life style counseling, Yoga
. Prevention, wellbeing and restoration of balance according to Ayurveda and holistic principles

. Accompaniment with chronic diseases
. For any type, also vegan and gluten free
. Free first orientation interview

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Prevention, detox, dosa-balance, accompaniment of chronic diseases

. Detailed cause-oriented anamnesis, determination of your constitution, tongue analysis
. Spices, herbs, recipes and dietary supplements to detox, support and balance your digestion and 

. Harmonising all types of digestive problems (dosa-balance)
. Boost your immune system
. Find out if you are suffering from any vitamins or mineral deficiency
. Stress management
. Weight management without yo-yo effect
. Tips for health maintenance, detox 
& rejuvenation (rasayana)
. Accompaniment of healing and fasting cures, type-appropriate nutrition plans etc.

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Individual assistance

. Joint elaboration and integration of a gradual adaptation of a healthy diet
. Accompaniment of fasting cures, weight and stress management
. Dietary and life style accompaniment of chronic diseases
. Personalised Yoga, meditation, personality development
. Enjoy individual assistance for questions around your health issues

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Women, mothers and children
. Nutrition and life style counseling for women, general women's complaints, PMS syndrome,
  menstrual problems
. Pregnancy support in nutrition, life style and Yoga for
. Nutrition and life style counseling with pregnancy desire
. Nutrition and life style counseling for children, e.g. digestive problems, stress, flues, sleeping
  disorders, ADHS, general childrens´ diseases and more 

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Recipes and individual recommendations

. During consultations and coaching sessions you will receive delicious, type-specific recipes and
  recommendations from me, tailored to your current state of health, constitution (prakriti) and life     
  circumstance, as well as for dosa-balancing.


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Yoga, pranayama, meditation

Some benefits of Yoga:
. strengthens your immune system and stabilises your digestive fire (agni) for optimal cell
  metabolism (tissue renewal process)
. eliminates toxines, releases muscular tension and energetic blockages at all levels, specially
  Vinyasa Yoga
. supports and stabilises your physical and mental balance
. supports the life energy (prana flow) in your system
. meditation and conscious breathing techniques (pranayama) help you to profoundly relax by
  releasing stress from tissues, metabolism and mind
. Yoga generates joy and increases your quality of life and life expectancy on all levels

Learn more about Yoga!




"Ayurveda, mother of medicine"

Timeless knowledge of a healthy and long life


Ayurveda is the oldest, holistic life science with an unbroken tradition. The life science of Ayurveda is over 3000 years old and combines a holistic, profound and fundamental understanding of life for prevention, health maintenance and gentle healing with the individual and unique needs of the human being. Ayurveda thus contains numerous recommendations and measures for a healthy, happy and long life. According to Charaka Samhita (oldest Ayurvedic scripture), the laws of Ayurveda are universal, timeless and describe the nature of life itself. Meanwhile, Ayurveda is also becoming increasingly popular in Western countries due to the successful cures and relief of ailments and especially when conventional medicine is at a loss.


The center of Ayurveda teaching is the striving for an optimal quality of life by stimulating the self-healing powers, in which Ayurveda teaching follows the following principle: "Like attracts like, opposites cancel out". On this basis, not only the healing of diseases, but also the prevention, detoxification and rejuvenation is the top priority. This can be achieved through conscious behaviour and diet, according to our individual constitution (prakriti). Individual and type-appropriate therapy measures on a holistic level are the heart of every Ayurveda therapy.

Particularly noteworthy is the undogmatic approach in Ayurveda. There is no "must". Central is the promotion of mindfulness towards yourself, other people and your environment. In this way you learn to recognise what is good for you, your person and your health. Ayurveda is not a fasting cure or an Indian diet, but is individually adapted to your personal constitutional type, taking into account your eating habits and lifestyle. Because any imbalance, whether internal or external, can bring our entire system out of balance and cause discomfort or disease. Health is a dynamic process and can only be maintained by consciously paying attention to it and constantly adapting to the circumstances.

Food as nourishment and medicine for body, mind and soul

With food you not only take in nutrients, but also life energy (prana), which is important for your health and well-being. Which kind of food you are using, how you do prepare them, seasons and times of day, which kind of spices and herbs you are using, your lifestyle and other factors determine how the food is metabolized by your body, whether your body tissues are built up or broken down and which emotions are stimulated. Ayurveda offers you in simple steps, individual and holistic recommendations and tips, as well as delicious recipes for a diet to maintain health and relieve discomfort. Ayurveda teaches that 40% of all complaints can be compensated by dietary changes, and another 40% of all imbalances by dietary supplements. Even small changes may have a great effects!

To maintain and achieve health on all levels, Ayurveda  makes use of the following principle "opposites balance each other out". How this is going to work in your case, you will learn in my health and nutrition counseling and coaching.

I am happy to accompany you with Ayurveda and holistic health counseling!

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Frauen, Kinder, Jugendliche
Ayurveda, Mutter der Medizin
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Ayurveda Counseling

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Anouschka Rudel

Canary Islands

My services:

Online consulting & coaching


Women & pregnancy


Determination of your constitution

Detailed cause-oriented anamnesis


Boost your immune system

Stress management

Fasting & dietary plans

Reducing weight without yoyo-effect


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